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Care in a Box

Sansafe Charcoal Anion Sanitary Napkins with Free Individual disposal bags

Take care of all your personal hygiene along with your baby's


Natural Baby Wipes with natural fragrance 100% water content

The pack to handle two places which faces the most wrath.

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pH balanced Cleansing Face Wipes with % natural ingredients

Wipes that are not just for makeup removal

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Men Intimate Wash with tea tree and sea buckthorn extracts

Because men who maintain their intimate hygiene are the real kings.

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Because Soft was not enough!

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Better Pads


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High-quality personal hygiene must not be a luxury and should be accessible to everyone. It must be beyond gender-based stereotypes prevalent in society. The significance of self-care is beyond one's gender, orientation, and age. We believe in blending scientific advancements in personal care with generations-old remedies.

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